Do you have a condo balcony and lack ideas for how to arrange it? To enjoy it as soon as the sun comes out, we’ve uncovered 6 condo balcony ideas for you to transform your balcony enclosure into a warm and pleasant space!

Add a touch of greenery to your condo balcony

If you live in the city and unfortunately don’t always have time to visit green spaces, you can set up a patio garden or a green space and bask in the warm sunlight on your condo balcony. However, make sure to choose low-maintenance plants that won’t take up all your outdoor space, or you can get a nice water feature to optimize your plants’ water retention when you are not here.

Dressing up the condo balcony flooring is a quick tip to bring a unique atmosphere to your space! For example, you can opt for a wood patio or fake grass to cover the patio tiles.

Condo balconies are exclusive-use common areas.

Indeed, remember that, since balconies are restricted-use common areas, they don’t fall within the scope of condominium common area and building maintenance management and that their maintenance is generally at your expense. You may also want to ensure that your project as you’ve designed it complies with the provisions of the declaration of co-ownership.

Emphasize your comfort

A true extension of your living room, your urban balcony should be pleasant to look at but also offer you as much comfort as a living room. A sofa, armchairs, or comfortable chairs and a table to enjoy a cup of coffee, an aperitif, or even a breakfast in peace are the basic furniture pieces of a pleasant condo balcony space.

Renovate your condo balcony

This layout is also the perfect opportunity to renovate your condo balcony. Because while the condominium takes care of the cleaning of the common areas and the major work, repairing a crack in a condominium balcony, for example, is often delegated to the co-owner who has restricted use of the balcony. This is usually the case for applying a new coat of paint to a condominium balcony.

How to optimize the space of your condo balcony?

Is your condo balcony small? There are several tips that will allow you to make the most of the space you have:

  • Modular furniture choices that can be used both inside and outside.
  • Isolate yourself while letting the light through by installing a transparent screen.
  • Opt for stackable shelving and create a vertical garden on your patio.

Preserve your privacy

If you want to avoid prying eyes and make your condo balcony more intimate, you have the option to visually isolate it from your neighbours in several ways. A green wall lets you preserve your privacy while embellishing your apartment balcony. Other less aesthetic but more practical solutions: artificial hedges, which require little maintenance, or screens.

Play around with colour

In addition to a nice furniture collection and planters, which you can choose in colourful versions, there is a whole series of small accessories that can enhance the decor of your outdoor balcony lounge and add a splash of colour. From cushions to planters, as well as light strings, candles, or carpets, the options are endless for your current balcony design.

If you have any questions about what you are entitled to do in terms of the layout of your condo balcony, contact the firm responsible for the management of your condominium.