What are the condo property management responsibilities? In addition to their skills, attentiveness, responsiveness, availability are qualities that are expected of a condo property manager. Note that the role of the property manager in condo buildings is numerous and varied.


The condo property manager: a real Swiss army knife

The condo manager: an administrative, legal, and accounting role

The condo property manager advises the condo board. He applies its decisions as well as those of the meetings of co-owners. They may be an employee of the syndicate or an external service provider. In the context of a complete mission, they ensure the administrative management, the financial management, and the human resources management.

Here are the condo property manager duties and responsibilities :

  • enforcing the building by-laws;
  • insuring the building;
  • calling the general meetings;
  • charging and collecting the condo fees;
  • keeping the accounts;
  • having the maintenance work as well as the work voted on carried out;
  • etc.

The condo manager also works on site

But the condo administrator duties aren’t just those of an administrator; they may also take care of the building maintenance management. A professional in the field, they regularly visit the site, sometimes accompanied by building experts, to:

  • check the condition and cleanliness of the common areas;
  • monitor the proper execution of the maintenance contracts;
  • meet with service providers and ask them for quotes;
  • follow the progress of the work voted on and accept the work;
  • meet with the building employees;
  • etc.


What are the condo property management responsibilities ?

The responsibilities of the volunteer, employee, or service provider manager

Whether they are volunteers, employees, or subject to a service contract, the civil liability of the condo manager may be incurred. In the event of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, they are subject to legal proceedings and requests for compensation.

According to section 1463 of the Civil Code of Québec, the misconduct of managers is the responsibility of the condo syndicate. With respect to professionals, their liability is contractual, as stipulated in section 1458 of the same Code.

In addition to the policy covering the civil liability of the syndicate, you must also have a :

  • civil liability insurance for the employee manager


  • contractual civil liability insurance for the service provider manager.


A property manager must be properly trained and supported

The role of the property manager in condo constanly changes. In particular, this involves regular and continuous training. As well as collaboration with condominium specialists as the condo property management responsibilities varies.

This is exactly how the condo property managers from Condo Stratégis work. In addition to frequently receiving training, they work on a daily basis with the experts from the firm’s multidisciplinary team. In many situations, the sound advice of engineers, architects, lawyers specializing in condominium law, CPA, or tax experts may be important.