Condo Property Management in Laval

For the sake of saving money or maybe because they need to meet a condo manager who inspires them with confidence, condo syndicates are still hesitating to delegate the management of their condos in Laval.

However, with the regular introduction of new laws and the multiple skills that condo management requires, wanting to do everything within the condo board is often a bad idea.

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    An expert by your side who reports on their mission

    Managing a condo requires a great deal of time

    Everyone knows that condo management in Laval, like everywhere in Quebec, is extremely time-consuming. Between the administrative tasks, financial management, work, and potential legal proceedings, condo management requires a great deal of time, particularly for people who are unfamiliar with the job.

    Especially with the entry into force of new laws such as Bill 16, condominiums in Quebec have to deal with additional obligations.

    Collaboration between the manager and the condo board

    As we see it, the role of the manager is part of a collaborative relationship with the condo board. In other words, when a condominium delegates the management of their condo in Laval to us, whether it’s partial or complete management, we communicate transparently with them, especially on our progress.

    To do this, we have established modern communication tools that allow you to track what we are doing in the context of our management mission nearly in real time. In particular, you have permanent access to an online report that lets you see:

    • the tasks performed on behalf of the condominium;
    • our observations, and especially any shortcomings noticed during our visits to the building.

    A multidisciplinary team at the service of your condo

    Managing a condo in Laval requires specialized skills in many fields: it requires knowing the specifics of condominium accounting and building technologies, as well as sound legal knowledge.

    Financial and human resources management

    Our multidisciplinary team is able to handle the accounting management of your condo in compliance with the new obligations (accounting of the current transactions on one hand in the general or administration fund and of the contingency payments in the contingency fund).

    We also fully take care of the human resources management of your condominium, particularly hiring, replacements, and payroll. We also manage the relationships with the employees, which allows you to separate yourself from any possible tensions.

    Building management: a matter for specialists

    Like a general practitioner, a condo manager has—to a certain extent—mastered all the fields of condominiums. In particular, they possess sound knowledge of building technologies. We place great importance on prevention, and with this in mind, we make regular visits to your building.

    When the situation requires it, and always in the interest of the condominium, we can recommend the intervention of a building expert.

    Over the years, we have built a network of reliable building professionals specializing in condominiums on whom the condominiums that we manage regularly call.