Condo Management on the South Shore

The proper management of a condo on the South Shore and across Quebec obviously requires solid experience in co-ownership. But it also requires skills in the legal, accounting, and human resources fields, as well as an in-depth knowledge of building techniques.

Not to mention the fact that—these days—the legislation in this sector changes so quickly that it’s necessary to constantly update your knowledge and make the necessary changes within the condo to comply with the new laws.

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    Condo Stratégis: the expert in condo management on the South Shore

    More than ever, condo management on the South Shore, in Montreal more broadly, and even across Quebec is a complex affair. Indeed, a condo manager must be able to take care of all the aspects related to condo management.

    The administrative management of a condo

    These are all the administrative tasks to be carried out for the condominium. They include:

    • Taking out and renewing insurance contracts
    • Keeping all the mandatory official documents and condominium records
    • Setting the condominium budget for the coming year
    • Determining the amounts of the co-owners’ contributions to the contingency fund
    • Calling the co-owners to the condominium general meetings

    Financial management

    The accounting and financial aspect is also very important in the management of a condominium, on the South Shore as in any other neighbourhood. Among other things, financial management includes:

    • Posting the entries for each fund, as the law has required since November 1, 2016
    • Opening and managing bank accounts and reconciliations
    • Collecting fees and paying supplier invoices
    • Preparing financial statements

    Building maintenance management

    The manager takes all the necessary steps to maintain the common areas and keep the entire building in good condition.

    Human resources management

    Because a condo management specialist on the South Shore is familiar with social laws, the needs of a condominium, and the tasks of a building employee or concierge, they are in the best position to take care of the human resources management in a condo. They hire the staff, monitor the work performed, meet with the employees regularly, and manage any difficulties or even disputes.

    The advantages of assigning the complete management of your condo on the South Shore

    You might think that assigning only a portion of the management of a building lets you save money. In reality, this isn’t a good idea. Indeed, by assigning the complete management of your condo on the South Shore, you benefit from full service, save time, and control your costs better.

    Complete service 

    The condominium benefits from full service provided by a multidisciplinary team with a primary contact person who centralizes the information.

    Save valuable time

    The administrators no longer have to conduct long searches to find reliable professionals who are familiar with the specifics of condominiums or monitor the job sites when work is being done.

    Better cost control

    Of course, complete management is a little more expensive than partial management. But apart from that, the condominium benefits from the skills of an entire management team and has fewer related costs to deal with (reduced legal fees, etc.).

    Assigning the management of your condo on the South Shore to a firm of condominium specialists such as Condo Stratégis is your best option as co-owners: you benefit from the skills and experience of a complete team consisting of a condominium lawyer, a CPA, and a construction professional.