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As the management of a divided co-ownership in Québec is complex, there are several legal obligations that a promoter and a co-owners’ syndicate must assume. According to the laws in force in Québec, they must ensure the building’s sustainability. Thus, they have the administrative, financial and maintenance burdens.

When these charges are too great or resources are insufficient to make it happen, they can be entrusted to a condominium manager. Our professionals known in condominium management will assist and guide you through the administrative maze!

All our services are covered by professional liability insurance.

Complete Management

Take complete advantage of Condo Stratégis’ expertise.

Administrative Management

Regular follow-up, effective communications, constantly updated condominium register

Financial Management

Quick recoveries, monthly presentations of financial statements

Property Management

Weekly visits with report tracking, PGA updates, preventions

Human Resources Management

Recruitment and methodical staff follow-ups

“For more than 3 years, as regulations are becoming more and more complex for co-ownership buildings, we took the decision to switch from self-management mode to an external management firm and have retained the services of Condo Stratégis for their expertise and their management values, such as customer relations. As I am training coach and have acquired more than 35 years of service in health management before I retired, I made sure along with the other members of our CA to establish and define our business relations clearly defining everyone’s role. I can assure you that we have reached our cruising speed and our objectives achieved according to files we were managing.”

Pierre Beaudoin: President of the Board of Directors of Jardins du Vieux Rosemont IV

“Condo Stratégis fills it mandate very well and has completed the tasks entrusted to them to our entire satisfaction. Ms. Valéry Couture has sensitively managed its relations with the five members of the Board (two janitors, two night guards and a secretary) as well as relations with co-owners.

Michel Rigaud : Former Chairman of the Board of the Château of Casson II

The amount of work required by the work of our administration, for the last 8 years, went over and beyond our capabilities. We could no longer maintain the required efficiency to meet our mandate. Our only solution was to hire Condo Stratégis, whom with its expertise, greatly raised the quality of services to our co-owners.

Richard Ducharme: Former Chairman of the Board of the Villas Latella 7705 du Mans

“No one was willing to present themselves as administrator on our syndicate of 82 units as tasks in self-management were far greater than we thought and unnecessarily demanding. Our CA needed external assistance. Then we chose Condo Stratégis. The choice of Condo Stratégis as our external management firm helped our CA members to free themselves from its daily tasks, so as to better focus on the important issues at hand, obtain access to a better choice of contractors and sub-trades, and subsequently, substantially reduce its operating costs.

Réjean Béchamp: Former member of the Adoncour, Phase II Syndicate


Condo property management in Montreal

Condo Stratégis Inc. is a firm of experts in the management of co-ownership properties. Our mission is to offer developers and syndicates alike the professional services they need in order for them to meet their management requirements and to assist and guide them in their daily administrative, financial and maintenance management of their co-ownership properties.

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Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of business partners, helps us in all your business and extraordinary routines. Whether you need a building professional, i.e. an architect or an engineer, or a lawyer specialized in co-ownerships law, or a certified or fiscal accountant, we have the appropriate resources.