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    Condo Stratégis’ Expertise


    Our mobile application to respond to emergencies


    Administrators have access to an online report on the tasks performed


    In-house contingency fund study and state-of-the-art maintenance log book


    Constant communication with the co-owners


    A corporate culture of continuous improvement


    A member of the Board of Directors of the Association Québécoise des Gestionnaires de Copropriétés

    A Revolution in Management


    Condo Stratégis uses a platform that allows the residents of your condo syndicate to quickly find important documents for condo living, modify their personal information, and direct their questions to a member of our team who will respond within 48 hours.


    All tasks performed internally by the Condo Stratégis team are sent to the administrators via Asana. The administrators can therefore know all the work that has been done within their syndicate at all times.


    After each visit from our field manager, you will receive a report by email with photos of the various deficiencies noted during their visit.


    At Condo Stratégis, our syndicates pay their suppliers electronically, which eliminates the administrative burden of payments. Each invoice is first approved by the manager, then sent to the administrators by email. The administrators sign the invoices electronically. The funds are then sent to the suppliers.

    Our Services

    Administrative management of condominium buildings

    You just have to make the important decisions

    Thanks to Condo Stratégis’ expertise in the administrative management of condominiums, administrators can focus on the important decisions to be made on the future of the syndicate instead of on micromanaging the day-to-day operations.

    Financial management of condominium buildings

    The syndicate's accounting is done by professionals

    Our entire team remains available when you have questions about the condominium’s finances. The financial statements are sent to the administrators on a monthly basis in order to make the best decisions for the syndicate.

    Maintenance management of condominium buildings

    To enhance and protect your assets

    The condo syndicate is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of the building. If certain maintenance is not carried out, there can be serious legal, financial, and asset-related consequences. This is why it is better to entrust this task to experts such as Condo Stratégis.

    Human resources management of condominium buildings

    Our team will work with the various staff members of your syndicate, including external suppliers, to ensure quality follow-ups for the co-owners.

    Thanks to our experts who have honed their interpersonal skills, we are able to bring out the best in every staff member working to ensure the proper functioning of the condominium.

    They trust us

    We're changing the world, one syndicate at a time!

    Our team can assist you in all your routine and non-routine affairs. Whatever the challenges, we will find the right solutions for every situation.

    Management tools

    The sound management of a condominium building requires the right management tools.
    This makes it possible to keep a history of the major work carried out and to anticipate the work to be carried out in the future. In addition, it implements a routine for the board of directors in terms of preventive work, which:
    ⦿ Avoids the premature wear and tear of the building
    ⦿ Keeps a record of the major work—past and future—in your syndicate
    ⦿ Brings peace of mind to the co-owners by providing them with a monitoring of the tasks performed
    ⦿ The only fully electronic maintenance log book available on the Quebec market.
    This is a 25-year projection of the essential work to be carried out on the building, which allows the co-owners to know the amount that they will have to contribute annually to the contingency fund. The contingency fund study is an essential management tool for any syndicate because it:
    ⦿ Avoids the kinds of sudden co-owner funds with special contributions
    ⦿ Establishes monthly contributions to ensure that each co-owner pays their fair share
    ⦿ A major advantage when reselling your condo
    ⦿ Each syndicate is required to comply with the new Law 16 in effect and must produce a contingency fund study
    ⦿ Allows major jobs to be completed as soon as they are needed, avoiding additional costs caused by penny pinching

    Our partners

    About us

    With more than 30 years of experience in property management, Condo Stratégis Inc. is a firm of condo management experts in Montreal that puts sound management at the heart of its values.

    All our condominium management mandates respect the main principles of sound management.
    Our main goal is to offer developers and condo syndicates professional services tailored to their needs and to assist and guide them in their daily management. Made up of experts from all backgrounds, our team allows us to offer you the quality of services you need. Whether you need a construction professional such as an engineer or a specialized lawyer, we are equipped to satisfy you.

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      Condo Stratégis Inc. is a firm of experts in the management of co-ownership properties. Our mission is to offer developers and syndicates alike the professional services they need in order for them to meet their management requirements and to assist and guide them in their daily administrative, financial and maintenance management of their co-ownership properties.





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