Condo Syndicate of Co-Owners Managers in Montreal

Condo Syndicate of Co-Owners Managers in Montreal

Complete Condo Syndicate of Co-Ownership Management

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By yielding the complete condo syndicate of co-owner management to Condo Stratégis, it will be possible for you to maximize benefits for your co-ownership. Indeed, by having access to all of the condo property management services offered by Condo Stratégis, our complete teams are constantly in discussions and synergy in order to provide you with the most comprehensive service.

The Definition of Condo Syndicate of Co‑Owners


The syndicate of co-ownership is a moral representative of all the owners of an immovable subject to the regime of co-ownership. The syndicate of co‑owners is governed by the Civil Code of Québec and is responsible for the conservation and preservation of the immovable, the property management maintenance of the building and the management of the common portions, the protection of the rights pertaining to the immovable or the co-ownership, as well as all activities of common interest. It is also responsible for ensuring that the work necessary for the conservation and maintenance of the building is carried out.

What is the role of a condo syndicate of co‑owners?


  • To maintain the building in good working order, both for the public and private portions: to maintain the building, to carry out repairs, to plan and organize work, to oblige a co‑owner to carry out repairs which are his responsibility.
  • The maintenance and administration of the common areas: setting up staff, insurance and maintenance contracts, ensuring that tasks are carried out correctly, keeping the condominium’s registers and documents, inspecting the condition of the building, accompanied by professionals if necessary, collecting charges, accounting for and settling expenses and cost, managing the condominium’s account.
  • Convening and organizing the annual general meetings of the co‑owners, reporting on their management during the previous year, establishing the budget and involving the co-owners in the creation of a reserve fund for major projects.
  • Ensure that the provisions of the declaration of co-ownership and the by‑laws are respected by all co‑owners and tenants of the building.

How does a condo syndicate of co‑owners work?


The syndicate of co‑ownership is composed of two bodies: the assembly of co‑owners and the board of directors, whose roles are defined in part by law and in part by the declaration of co‑ownership. Learn more about the responsibility of the condo syndicate.

Trusted Condominium Syndicate Managers in Québec


When you entrust the management of your syndicate of co-ownership to Condo Stratégis, you are dealing with a firm of experts in co-ownership and condo property management in Montreal. Learn more about our contingency fund study service. Because you deserve peace of mind in your condo management, contact us!


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