Our Management Solutions Company

Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

Our Mission

Condo Stratégis Inc. is a firm of experts specialized in the management solutions for properties. Our mission is to assist developers and co-ownership syndicates meet their management objectives and needs by providing professional services and guide them in their daily management of administrative, financial and maintenance of their condominium properties.

Our customers’ conservation of their real estate as well as their concerns in a pleasant living environment guides all our administrative acts and this is our first and foremost goal.

Our Values

Governance and values are fundamental to our society. Thus, all our condominium management mandates are administered according to the principles of sound management and under the code of ethics of the order of l’Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec.

Our Team

Multidisciplinary expertise under one roof!

Our multidisciplinary team of business partners assists us in handling all your routine and extraordinary business. Whether you need a building professional such as an architect or an engineer, a lawyer specialized in condominium law, a certified professional accountant or fiscal accountant, we have the appropriate resources.

Your challenges, our strategies!

Give yourself peace of mind with our multidisciplinary team able to meet your expectations.

Our managers have more than 45 years of experience in management and property management and are graduates of McGill University in condominium management.

We will back you in the:


What are the main roles of the Condo Stratégis managers?
The Condo Stratégis managers mainly accomplish 3 main tasks throughout their day.
  • They are there to carry out the decisions adopted by the Board of Directors;
  • They will counsel administrators and support them throughout their mandate;
  • The management team at Condo Stratégis is always on the lookout for the latest laws and knows the legal framework in which condominium syndicates operate. This allows them to raise awareness and counsel administrators so that they may make informed decisions.
Why hire an external management firm?
The management of a co-ownership syndicate is not only a full- time job, but also requires the administrators to have expertise in several areas such as law, accounting or engineering. In addition to these constraints, administrators must also meet the co-owners’ needs quickly, and this, within a reasonable delay, while doing so on a volunteer basis. The external management company then presents itself as being the sole, long-term and viable solution in ensuring the sustainability of the co-ownership property and allows the Board of Directors to administer and not, having to deal with tedious daily tasks.
Why choose Condo stratégis?
Condo Stratégis is a professional company comprised of a multidisciplinary team that can meet all the needs and problems faced by a co-ownership property. By having a wealth of experience in the field, Condo Stratégis offers the most competitive rates in the industry. The optimization of its processes has also enabled it to offer the best rates for the management of your property.
How, as administrators, do we go from being an autonomous to the Condo Stratégis management?
The transfer from self-management to Condo Stratégis is an efficient and effortless process. Once the management contract is signed and the data is transferred to us, we can already start answering your co-owners requests. From the start of our contract, administrators are free of any worries in regards to day-to-day management.

Give yourself peace of mind with our multidisciplinary team capable to meet all your expectations.


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