Administrative Management

Administrative Management

Accredited condominium administrative management services

To assist in making important decisions

Condo Stratégis’ administrative management will allow administrators to focus their efforts and decision-making for their co-ownership properties and focus on the future of the Syndicate, instead of the daily micro-management tasks. Condo Stratégis will do the following:


We receive your request


We consult our team


We present our plan and activities

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Impact on your quality of life

It will change overnight!

By doing business with Condo Stratégis, you will no longer have to answer co-owners’ questions which may be a tad redundant, you can now refer them directly to us. If a call is placed during office hours, they will then have an immediate answer, otherwise, for any questions received by email, it will be within a 24 to 48 hour period.

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