Condo Property Management in Ville-Marie

Managing your condo in Ville-Marie requires many hours of work each year as well as expertise in the various areas of condominium ownership. If you wish to have your building managed, you need to find a reliable firm with experience in co-ownership. Condo Stratégis offers you a customized service to ensure an optimized and proactive management of your condo.

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    Condo Stratégis, a mandate on demand

    Condo management in Ville-Marie covers many areas of expertise: from administrative management to human resources management as well as financial management. Not to mention building maintenance management, which requires in-depth knowledge of building techniques.

    Defining your needs

    Does your condominium plan to delegate only part of the tasks related to the management of your Ville-Marie condo? By assessing the needs of the co-ownership, the syndicate can determine two categories of tasks:

    • Those which could be carried out by the voluntary co-owners ;
    • Those to be entrusted to a specialized firm.

    Ask for references

    Whether you wish to entrust all or part of the management of your condo to Ville-Marie, it is important to compare rates, but also to have references. You can interview members of syndicates whose co-ownership are currently managed by the firm and get objective feedback on the professionalism and quality of the management offered.

    Condo Stratégis handles the entire management of your condo

    Managing a condo in Ville-Marie requires a lot of time as well as a strong expertise in co-ownership. Several thousand hours a year must be invested to properly manage a building. As for the skills required, they imply being a professional in building, legislation and accounting.

    At Condo Strategies, you will find all of this expertise under one roof, from an architect to a tax specialist, not to mention a CPA or a lawyer specialized in co-ownership.

    Complete condo management, a profitable investment

    Of course, entrusting the entire management of your condo to a firm costs the co-owners more than merely delegating part of the tasks to it. However, it is in reality a worthy investment.

    To be convinced, you need only :

    • to calculate the number of hours saved for the members of the syndicate who can thus devote themselves to making enlightened decisions for the co-ownership;
    • to measure the consequences of a bad choice of contractor or of defects not detected on a building site because of a lack of knowledge on the subject;
    • to evaluate the financial consequences that the co-owners could suffer because of the volunteers’ ignorance of the laws pertaining to co-ownership (for example, not to put a legal hypothec on a unit that has significant arrears of co-ownership charges).

    For the management of your condo in Ville-Marie, you can rely on Condo Stratégis to do everything possible to :

    • Ensure the maintenance of your building so that it remains pleasant to live in;
    • Controlling the expenses of the co-ownership;

    Perpetuate the value of your building and consequently optimize the resale price of your condos.