You have invested in real estate assets and you wish to enhance and optimize the return on this investment. This seems coherent, but it is not as simple as that… While it is possible to a certain extent to manage financial investments yourself from your personal computer. 

After your working day by devoting a few hours to it, it is much more difficult. If not impossible, to do it yourself for even a small real estate portfolio.


What can a property manager do for you?


The management of a real estate portfolio includes at least two very different aspects:

  • the valuation of the real estate stock and the maintenance of the quality of the investments over time,
  • the profitability of the real estate portfolio 

It therefore appears that this double mission cannot be managed as a dilettante in the evening after a day’s work from one’s computer.

Indeed, the property manager will take charge of these two aspects of the management of your property. By ensuring the technical follow-up of the property. 

The technical follow-up, which requires on-site visits. And the selection and monitoring of the companies carrying out the work take a great deal of time. And can generally only be done during normal office hours.


Enhancing the value of the property portfolio and maintaining the quality of the investment


Those who know anything about the real estate investment industry know that it is a living, material investment. It’s an investment that needs to be taken care of. It is not a line of credit in a stock market account that can be sold or bought with a single click.

Property must be regularly maintained and kept up to technical and legal standards. The property manager will visit the premises on a regular basis and make sure that they meet the provisions in force. And in particular that the residential property meets the criteria for decent housing. 


The profitability of the property portfolio and tax optimization


The financial profitability of a real estate investment is linked to two levers:

  • the rental balance sheet and the net income of the rental investment,
  • the rise in real estate prices in the area where the property is located.

We offer professional services to syndicates of co-ownerships and also to developers. To help them in the daily management tasks, but also administrative, maintenance and financial.


So if you wish to entrust your real estate to a manager, we can help you. Condo Stratégis brings together several experts in condominium management. An architect, an engineer, a chartered accountant, a tax expert and even a lawyer specialized in condominium law. 

Our multidisciplinary team is therefore present to offer you the best possible service.